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MGT 4153 Study Questions Exam 2
Nov 5, 2014
Three “Assess Your Answer” questions from each of chapters 3, 7, 10 and 11. Each used will be Agree, Disagree or Both, and the second part may be Briefly Explain. A popular form of organizing is to have employees work on what they want in whatever department they choose so that motivation and enthusiasm stay high. Disagree – A small number of firms have tried this approach with some success, but a typical organization needs to structure its work activates, positions, and departments in a way that ensures work is accomplished and coordinated to meet organizational goals. Many managers try to give some consideration to employee choices as a way to keep enthusiasm high Committees and task forces whose members are from different departments are often worthless for getting things done. Disagree – The point of cross-functional committees and task forces is to share information to coordinate their departmental activities. Meeting, talking, and disagreeing is the work of the committee. These groups should not try to “get things done” in the sense of being efficient. Top managers are smart to maintain organizational control over the activities of key work units rather than contracting out some work unit tasks to other firms. Disagree – Virtual networks and outsourcing forms of organizing design have become popular because they offer increased flexibility and more rapid response in a fast changing environment. Outsourced departments can be added or dropped as conditions change. Keeping control over all activities in-house might be more comfortable for some managers, but it discourages flexibility. Lean manufacturing is a super-efficient form of manufacturing that produces products of top quality. Agree- lean manufacturing techniques have been implemented in hundreds of organizations all over the world and have led to dramatic improvements in quality, productivity, and efficiency. It continues to be an important tool for manufacturing firms, and smart managers in service firms are also learning to benefit from lean thinking. The best way for a company to provide good service is to have abundant and clear rules and procedures and make sure everyone follows them to the letter. Disagree – service employees need good interpersonal skills and a degree of autonomy to be able to satisfy each customer’s specific needs. Although many service organizations have some standard procedures for serving customers, service firms are typically low on both centralization and formalization. Abundant rules can take away both personal autonomy and the personal touch. The design characteristics and management processes that are effective for a television station’s sales department probably would not work so well for the news department. Agree – the news department has a nonroutine technology compared to the sales department. No one knows what newsworthy events are going to happen during the day, when or where they will happen, or how they will need to be covered. Sales tasks, particularly telephone sales to repeat customers involving standard rates for advertising, can be performed using standard procedures, but gathering and reporting news events can’t be standardized. A sales department would be characterized as routine because there is little variety and tasks that are well understood. Top managers typically should focus their energy more on strategy and structure than on corporate culture. Disagree – smart top managers know that for the organization to be successful, the right culture has to support and reinforce the strategy and structure to be effective in its environment. Managers can invest al the time and resources they have in defining a killer strategy, but if the cultural values are out of line, implementing it will be impossible. Being ethical and socially responsible is not just the right thing for a corporation to do, it is a critical issue for business success. Agree –...
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