Mcts Guide to Configuring Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Exam #70-640 Networking Course Technology

Topics: Windows Server 2008, Active Directory, Windows 2000 Pages: 351 (103696 words) Published: January 30, 2013

What version of Internet Information Services (IIS) is included with Windows Server 2008?IIS 7.0 When examining the Workgroup Model, a Windows Server 2008 server that participates in a workgroup is referred to as a ____.stand-alone server You have a copy of Windows Server 2008 64-bit Standard edition, and are in the process of purchasing server equipment. What is the maximum amount of RAM you can install on the server?32 GB Carl works as a system administrator for a medium sized corporation. Recent green-awareness meetings and funding cutbacks within the corporation have increased the need for resource consolidation. With an increase in demand for a reduction in environmental impact, Carl is looking to virtualize five separate servers and host them on a single server running Hyper-V.Carl receives a volume license copy of Windows Server 2008 32-bit Enterprise Edition. He installs it on a machine with the following specifications:Processor: 64-bit Xeon Quad core 2.66 GHz Memory: 16 GB

Available disk space: 50 GB
Additional Drives: DVD-ROMHyper-V requires a 64-bit edition of Windows Standard or better File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) provides reports, configuration of disk quotas, and use of filters for files users can store on the server A network interface is composed of two parts:Device driver software and network interface This server role provides automatic IP address assignment and configuration for client computers.Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Windows Server 2008 Enterprise is capable of being configured with failover clustering for up to how many nodes?16 nodes Terminal Services Gateway (TS Gateway) adds to TS web Access functionality by allowing a secure, encrypted connection using ____.Secure HTTP (HTTPS) You work for a large corporation with several branch offices that have varying requirements in regards to security. Your boss has informed you that a new branch office is in need of a domain controller, but has stressed that due to security reasons, he doesn't want the server to have the ability to make changes to any domain related information. What can you install to satisfy the needs of the branch office?Read only domain controller (RODC) A DNS Server is used to ____.Resolve names of Internet computers and domain computers to their assigned IP addresses This role service enables users and administrators to control a Windows desktop remotely or run applications hosted on a Windows server remotely.Terminal Services Which of the following is not a feature or function provided by Active Directory?Assists in maintaining a network architecture design by assigning addresses to client machines that request them One of your partner organizations currently has to provide logon credentials to access critical applications on your extranet's web site. While this has worked in the past, a recent meeting has brought to light the need for single sign-on capabilities for the website. After researching the issue, you discover that one of Windows Server 2008's new Active Directory roles can help solve the problem. Which of the following answers allows you to create a trust relationship between your extranet and your partner organization?Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) Which of the following server roles is not available within a Windows Server 2008 Core installation?Terminal Services The main purpose of Active Directory is to ____.Provide authentication and authorization to users and computers A network client serves what purpose?Sends requests to access network resources Using this tool, administrators can create policies that require computers to have the latest anti-virus and OS updates, as well as compliant firewall settings.Network Access Protection (NAP) Which is not a benefit of using virtual machines?Virtual machines have reduced hardware and software requirements Which of the following Windows Server 2008 editions supports the hot-add...
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