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P.R.O.M.B.A Corp.

“Where goods specially made with love just for you”

Submitted to:
Mr. Marlon Fortunato
Submitted by:
Ahamad, Sitti Adelene
Belialba, Rachelle
Mariano, Shann Lawrence
Oliveros, Lady Ann
Pasadilla, Diana Mae
Rivera, John Carlo
Overview of the Product
A polvorón (From polvo, the Spanish word for dust; Cebuano: polboron; Tagalog: pulburon) is a type of heavy, soft and very crumbly Spanishshortbread made of flour, sugar, milk, and nuts. The Filipino version of polvorón uses a large amount of powdered milk which is left dry, as well as toasted flour. It uses butter or margarine instead of lard.

In the Philippines, a number of local variants on the traditional polvorón recipe have been made. Well known variants include polvorón with casuy(cashew nut), polvorón with pinipig (beaten young green rice, similar to crisped rice) and polvorón with moringa leaves. Strawberry, chocolate, peanuts and cookies-and-cream polvorón also exist. And because of unlimited wants of consumers, the company comes up with an innovative product that will make sure those customers will be satisfied. This innovative product will be named as “Chovron”. New features of polvoron will be produced such as: * The brand name itself describe that the polvoron has something to do with chocolate. The outer part of this product is Chocolate coated. * From a simple oblong shape we customize it with 3d shapes (sphere, cylinder, cone, cube, pyramid, wedge) The features stated above will catch and attract the customers. This kind of product is suitable for everyone, the young or the old ones. But the main target market would be the teenagers who love eating sweets. Chovron will cost cheaply as 15 pesos each. This will be also sold for bundles. 10 pcs. – Php 125

20 pcs. – Php 225

Competitive Analysis
Strengths| Weaknesses|
Opportunities| Threats|
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