Manager Role in Implementing Change

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Manager Role in Implementing Change
Nicole Paschel
University of Phoenix
HCS/ 475
Ashley Tennessee
December 17, 2010

Manager Role in Implementing Change
There are successful ways to implement changes in many different organization and all employees need to understand how the changes will benefit them and how it will affect their work daily. Managers within an organization that are seeking change need to bring the idea to their employees or management team to receive etiquette feedback. In this paper I will discuss Managers role and responsibility how manager successfully handle change.

Managers know that any kind of changes whether it is new ideas, new technology or new programs can create concerns and in most cases resistance. Employees have many of their own reason for resisting changes within the organization. A good reason could be that many employees gain accustomed to the companies way of doing things and management come in with new approaches. These new approaches are expected to fall in line with the employees but this does cause the wall of resistance and this wall can become strong. Many employees look forward to changes benefiting them in ways so it is important that management empower people to agree and make changes in ways that would works for them as employee. Mangers will never face a situation where there are no problems with bringing in changes. When implanting these changes management need to understand why these changes are necessary, what need to be change and if there are any blocks to enable the changes, Most changes are not overnight so management needs to involve their selves in monitoring the changes making sure the changes works. Some are frighten by change and many can adapt to it these type of personalities are know as type A and type B personalities. Managers also need to be respectful to the employees while adjusting to the change and as well as the employees need to do the same with management....
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