Literature Review- Resistance to Change

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Assignment 2 – Literature Review

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. - Charles Darwin (1809 - 1882)

Term 2, 2013
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Kien Khang LIEU
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Resistance to change is always an obstacle for organisation when they try to implementing change. But what is resistance to change? Why is it so important and how bad can it affect organisation when it come to change? In this paper, we will analyse resistance to change and how employer play a role in causing resistance in their organisation unknowingly. Also we will look at some implication for manager in order to handle resistance and use it to he/she advantage.

In the nowadays dynamic business world, change is import and crucial for any organization to survive and thriving. The quote on the front page is basically summarizing the importance of change. However it is not simple to implement change within an organization. Resistance to change is one of the biggest obstacles of implementing change within an organization. There are a few reasons why people resist changing and they are fear of the unknown and cultural differences. In order to understand about resistance to change, in this paper we will analyze the definition of resistance to change, why there is a need for change and how does resistance to change occurs. Also we will take a look at some implications that manager can use to overcome resistance to change. Key Issues

In order to analyze resistance to change and how it affect each organization we must have a clear understand what is resistance to change is all about and why is resistance to change happen in this dynamic business world. From there we will use theories to build up a conclusion as whether resistance to change is a good thing or bad thing to an organization and implications for the managers as well. What is resistance to change?

Resistance to change is not just a matter only in business world but happen everywhere. It can be within a family, a community, a country, in large scale or small scale. According to Schein in 1988, resistance to change is viewed at the enemy of change and must be succeed fully overcome in order for a change to be implemented1. In the process of strategic change, resistance to change causes unanticipated delays, extra cost and unstableness in the process (Ansoff, 1988)2. Some scholars describe resistance to change as the negative expression of employees toward management in order to stop, delay or alter change (Block, 1989. Bemmels and Reshef, 1991)3. Therefore resistance to change is considering as negative attitudes and counterproductive behaviour (Waddell, 1998)4. And overtime resistance to change is understand as the causes of conflict and could lead to negative affect on the organization morale and health. Resistance to change: Whose is at fault?

We would like to explore the argument whether it is the change agent (the one who offer/ create the process of change) or change recipient (the one who implementing/experience change) at fault for resisting to change within an organisation (Ford J.D, Ford L.W and D’Amelio, 2008)5. Many researches have indicate that change recipient is most of the time responsible for resisting to change (Dent & Goldberg; Klein cited by Ford J.D, Ford L.W and D’Amelio, 2008) however in this paper we would like to look at a different angle where change agent would be the one at fault for causing resistance to change. It is possible that resistance to change could arise through the change agent fail strategy or...
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