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Topics: High school, Management, Educational years Pages: 6 (2721 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Unit 1: Getting to know your grade nine’s
1. I am fortunate to have gotten to know and to have been able to mentor all my grade nine-link students, I have gotten to know that all of them are special and talented in their own ways. The grade nine-link student that I will be profiling is one of those many; I remember the first time I met this grade nine and how excited she was to be starting high school and unlike all the other grade nines we had who all looked nervous she looked ready and energized for what was waiting ahead of her. I also remember that on the first day of high school she had her career plan already set, she wanted to be a veterinarian and she also knew what university she wanted to attend and what school courses up to grade twelve she had to take. I was so impressed with her because I remember my first day of high school I was a nervous wreck who did not want to meet any new people or go out my comfort zone. This link student would always come to me if she had any questions about school and most importantly, she always wanted to know when our next link AFU was, this always made me happy because I knew that she was interested in what we (my link partner and I) had to say. This link student’s learning style would have to be visual, I say this because back during the first day of school we had a discussion on books, more specifically the Hunger Games since I noticed that she had a Hunger game necklace after mentioning that she told me that she had read the Hunger Games 64 times already. Sixty four times is a lot of times to read one book and that is quite impressive for a young girl, the thing that makes her a visual learner though is right after she said that she told that she had to read that much times in order to visualize it and memorize it since it was her favourite book. I also say she is a visual learner because every time we would give out examples during our AFU she would always ask us to write it down or show her an example so she could visually see it. I would also say that she is linguistic due to the example given above about her reading a book 64 times , she is also very outspoken and she is able to portray her feeling and thoughts through language and speaking. For her socio-economic background, I would have to say that in my perspective she has a stable socio-economic background and that she has never once come to me about socio-economic problems, or have I ever heard anyone once say that she has socio-economic issues. Since my grade nine student is really outspoken she is sometimes portrayed from her peers as very talkative, and just from my link group I could see that some of my link students get annoyed of her because she likes to answer her questions in detail, which is a good thing. I feel that people can’t really get to know her well because they make rash decisions based on their first impression and to some people their first impression of her is sometimes negative. The negative impression from others rather sets back her social development but other than that, her mental health seems to be fine. There isn’t really a huge problem with her physical health as well, and this allows her to be very energetic and spirited. Some appropriate future goals would for this link student would be to be more aware of other people thoughts, and to take into consideration other people's opinions. This hinders my grade nine from getting to really understand other people, and to see where others may be coming from, and this limits her social interactions with her peers. In addition, it is sometimes difficult for my grade nine to communicate with her teachers as well. Even though she has a lot of time ahead of her if she could improve on this, she would be both socially and academically ready to face all of high school. 2. For me personally a good example where school or community services helped students overcome barriers to learning would have to be my story of overcoming my barrier to learning a new...
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