Lan and Nos Architectural Components

Topics: IP address, Wireless access point, Computer network Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: April 9, 2013
1.What are the main architectural components of a LAN? (Minimum word count: 60) The first characteristic in the LAN architecture is the physical arrangement of the network. This is how the nodes connect. The topology of an LAN is the design pattern of interconnections between the computers and network sectors. The second component is the method of access for the nodes. Specifically, how the nodes connect to the transmission medium. A network interface card is a device that permits computers to be joined together in a network. The NIC acts as the translator; it allows the devices to direct data on the LAN. The NIC has a port to insert a cable that allows the device to be connected the network. The third LAN component includes the transmission methods and how content is exchanged with the network. In order for the hosts to direct content, there has to be transmission media. The fourth important component is the transmissions media being either connected via wire or wirelessly. The most common wired connection is an Ethernet, which is a twisted cable. In larger companies that offer LAN, they devices are connected to the network via a patch panel. In a laptop, iPad, or cellphone the NIC are built in. These are examples of wireless NIC’s. The signals are sent in the open air via radio waves. These wireless networks use device called a wireless access point (AP). Users connect to the system through the AP. The AP links to the LAN through a cable connection. Also, devices must use specific protocols in order for the devices to communicate effectively. In the past, proprietary protocol was used. This type of technology caused a lot of problems because businesses were not able to use different systems types together. Several system brands were using different protocols, which made it difficult to integrate them. An open standard is made available to the public. In the modern age now, TCP/IP is most commonly used by all operating systems. Additionally,...
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