Lab 3

Topics: IP address, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, Subnetwork Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: June 17, 2015
1. What is the name of the computer you are working from? W2K8xx
2. What is the default lease duration of a wired subnet type? 6 Days
3. What are three recommendations listed in Server Manager for managing the DHCP Server role?   1. Increase fault tolerance by splitting DHCP scopes.  
2. Balance the load on your DHCP server by using the 80/20 rule for scopes   3. Allow remote administration of DHCP servers by configuring windows Firewall ports. 4. What is the name of the computer you are working from?

5. What IP addressing settings are currently configured?
6. Is the computer currently configured for DHCP? How can you tell? Yes, DHCP enabled and it received an ip address of 7. What is the IP address of the DHCP server from which W2K8yy has obtained its IP address? DHCP Server

8. If the answer to #7 was not the IP address of the SEA-SVR1 computer, why might this have happened? It was 9. What nodes appear underneath the DHCP scope that you created in Exercise 1? Address Pool, Address Leases, Reservations, Scope Options

10. What appears in the IP address text box? the Ip address of the Domain Controller
11. What value is configured in the DNS Servers: line?
12. What is the default location for DHCP server backups? C:\windows\system32\dhcp\backup\ 13. What IP address is configured W2K8yy on the computer?
14. What appears in the IP address text box?
N/A Using Static
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