It 242 Final Project

Topics: Ethernet, Computer network, Router Pages: 4 (1213 words) Published: July 31, 2011
TWAN Design
Nicolas Morales
ACME Manufacturing will best benefit from a Wide Area Network by the use of a VOIP. ACME currently has a headquarter in Atlanta that has a corporate operation, accounting, marketing, and an administrative staff. They also have a sales office and engineering office in Atlanta as well. In Chicago, New York, and Phoenix they have their distribution office. I find that ACME will benefit from subnets, routers, packaging, and VLAN’s and security to make sure that the WAN network is successful for WAN network

ACME Manufacturing is a growing company that is expanding nationwide and now that there is a manufacturing facility in China it will be global. ACME manufacturing needs a WAN so that they can communicate with their other offices nationwide. I find that VIOP will be very useful to the company so that they can communicate. IT will make sure that the desire connectivity is in place for the company.

ACME should use a star topology so that each site will have direct connection to the headquarters and network administrators. With the sales and engineering offices they will link up to the headquarter over a WAN with a VPN configuration with IPSec and L2TP for their security. I find that the company would need to have three T1 lines that connect to the headquarters and the facility in China can connect through satellite. This can help ACME stay up to date and will allow room for growth if the company needed.

Now with Satellite communications it will let the company have long distance network communication and connectivity. There will be LAN’s at each location which will best benefit with a Cat-5 which will support 100BaseTx which will allow for a fast Ethernet network able to get speeds of up to 100Mbps. This allows for packet switching, latency, and there channel capacity will be more proficient. The packet switching will allow for optimized use of the channel capacity available in digital telecommunication networks. With packet...
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