Is It Necessary to Make Mistakes, Even If They Have Negative Consequences on Other People?

Topics: Security, Terrorism, Learning Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: June 15, 2011
Is it necessary to make mistakes, even if they have negative consequences on other people?
The only way mistakes are not made is to never do anything. Therefore in my opinion, it is necessary to make mistakes. It is usually wrong to do things that have negative consequences on other people, but remember it is not done intentionally. It is impossible to function in life without doing something that has negative consequences on other people or oneself. The most important reason why it is necessary to make mistakes regardless of its negative consequences on other people is that; mistakes are necessary for learning experience. We learn more from our mistakes then our success. There is a saying that; “experience is the best teacher”. This saying suggests that mistake that one make in life can also have a positive impact on that person’s future life experience. So, though my mistakes can have a negative consequence on me or someone else it becomes my learning experience. Mistakes also present a special opportunity to be a teacher.

Let us address the topic from two perspectives, Personal mistakes and Cooperate mistakes. I will begin with personal mistake. For example, when I was a boy, I broke my mother’s expensive picture frame by mistake. My mother was very because she paid a lot of money for the frame and cherished it.. in this example this mistake had financial and emotional consequences on my mother. However, I learn from this mistake in that; I should always be careful in handling things that are fragile.

From cooperate perspective, let us use the 9/11 terrorist attack, the worse terrorist attack on American soil, as an example where mistakes with negative consequence were made. As a result of lack or minimum communication in the United States national security system, the terrorists were able to infiltrate the security and aviation system, take over a few domestic flights, and flew those airlines into American infractures, which caused a massive...
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