Ipv6 Addressing

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Unit 3 Assignment 1 IPv6 Addressing Week #3 Research the following:
• American Registry for internet numbers- Provides services related to the technical coordination and management of Internet number resources. • Internet assigned numbers authority- IANA is broadly responsible for the allocation of globally unique names and numbers that are used in Internet protocols that are published as   rfc documents. • Asia-Pacific network information center- APNIC provides number resource allocation and registration services that support the global operation of the Internet. 2. Approximately how many Ipv4 addresses are possible? 32 bits 3. Approximately how many IPV6 addresses are possible? 128 bits 4. do you think the world is running out of Ipv4 addresses? Primarily it is the exponential growth in fixed and mobile networks in the region. From now on, all new networks and services in the region must implement IPv6. Based on these stats it is not too hard to imagine RIPE or ARIN running out of IP addresses by the end on 2011, let alone lasting into 2012. 5. How long do you think it will take before the Ipv4 addresses are completely exhausted? Ipv4 is gone 6. Since Ipv6 is the long-term solution for this issue, why do you think we are still using and assigning Ipv4 addresses on the internet? Ipv4 no longer exists. Exists Ipv4 addresses will continue to function, but those running on IPv4 networks will be unable to reap the technological advances of more advanced IPv6 networks. 7. Do you think the possibility exists for some companies to hoard IP addresses and not release them back to ARIN to turn a profit?

Unit 3 Problem Set 1 Unit 3 Problems Week #3 1. Firewall
2. Network and Sharing
3. Router
4. OSI Model 7
5. Connection Protocol
6. Ping.Exe
7. NS look up.exe
9. Tracert.exe
10. Application Physical
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