Ipv4 and Ipv6

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IPv4 and IPv6 have several differences and similarities. One of the similarities is they both use DNS. DNS is an important part of communicating data on the internet or on a private network. DNS takes human readable names and translates them into IP addresses that are then used to send packets of information for an application on one computer to an application on another computer on the internet or on a private network. DNS is important because most people cannot remember long IP addresses, but they can remember names easily. DNS use in IPv6 is different than DNS use inIPv4; there are many things that have remained the same and some things that are different. It is important to learn about these similarities and differences in the way IPv6 and IPv4 use DNS to properly set-up a network that can facilitate the use of one or both of these IP addressing versions. This will be important because in the near future IPv4 will be replaced with IPv6, until then many networks will use both IP versions this is called a dual stack.

Unit1 Project 1
The differences between the implementation of DNS in IPv6 and IPv4
Many differences exist between DNS in IPv6 and IPv4. First, automatic updates of DNS records are supported in IPv6. Automatic updates are not supported in IPv4. IPv4 records must be updated by manually updating them or dynamically updating them. In networks where the host gets their IP address by using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and the host may change locations frequently, dynamic updating is the best way to update resource records. DHCP works by allowing devices that do not have an IP address already assigned to them to lease an IP address for a specified amount of time in which that device becomes part of that IP network. This is important in any company or organization that has employees that work from laptops, tablets, or a variety of other wireless devices. Second, IPv4 and IPv6 do not use the same host records. IPv4 uses...

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