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Wireless P2P Cellphone Camera

Chapter 1 Features
S5030-MP2P is the latest model developed by SIEPEM, Inc., it is suitable for family, offices and chain store monitoring. It is the latest version. ●P2P (peer to peer) technology, without annoying IP settings simply fill out the ID number can be obtained surveillance video. ●Cellphone view allow you remote viewing from anywhere anytime ●Support iPhone、Android

●Wi-Fi compliant with wireless standards IEEE 802.11b/g;
●Suport Pan/Tilt control up and down,rotation, auto-cruise from different angles (Pan:355°& Tilt:120°); ●Auto IR-LED illumination for night vision (up to 10 metres); ●Nice blue indicator light ;
●Two-way audio, New voice technology, support cellphone intercom(distance:20-30m); ●Two-dimensional code scanning functions.

Chapter 2 Installation
1)First: connect the camera with hub, switch or router by Cat.5 straight-through cable or cross-over cable with standard RJ-45 interface. 2)Second: connect the camera with power supply by the adaptor supplied (DC5V, 2A). Caution: Please ensure that the adaptor matches with the electricity (Input: AC 110V or 220V, Output: 5V DC/2A). [pic]

2.2 Interface

Chapter 3 Cellphone monitor
3.1 cellphone must be connected to the internet(WIFI/GPRS/3G) 3.2 install software on your cellphone
Android:Acquire software from CD.
Iphone:Acquire “P2Pipcamera” from App Store.
[pic] [pic]
3.3 Add Camera:
“Add Camera” click “+”
Enable users to edit camera ID, user's name and password setting and the change of equipment alias . “Scan”Two-dimensional code scanning acquire camera ID.
[pic] [pic]

3.4 Device list.

3.5 Function:
[pic] snapshot
[pic] [pic] speaker/mic (can not be open at the same time) [pic] [pic] birghtness/contrast
[pic] restore the default
[pic] resolution : VGA(640×480)QVGA(320×240)
[pic] ratio
[pic] [pic] cruise
[pic] [pic] Flip /Mirror
[pic] close

touch screen to control PTZ

Chapter 4 PC Software Instruction
4.1 Find “DeviceClient.msi” in the CD and run it like below pic. [pic]
Click "Browser" to select setup path(default path "C:\Program Files\object\Device Client "),then click "Next" like below pic. [pic]
4.3 Click "Next",then go the below pic.
4.4 Click "Finish" to end the setup,at the time it will come up this icon in the desktop “[pic]”. [pic]

4.5 Click“System—Device list”

4.6 Add a lan camera :
Open search tools,click “search”

IP acquisition:

① Confirmed that the device is turned on and connected to the network normal.

② LAN or PC support DHCP(Dynamic IP allocation),because the camera's factory settings dynamically IP, LAN or PC does not open DHCP, occurs not search the camera IP.

Double click IP address,,then go the below pic,“OK”. [pic]

4.7 Add a remote camera:

click“add”,then go the below pic:
Device:The names of equipment, which can help you identify different devices, for examples, you can type the names based on the location of the equipment. User:Usually the default is "admin";
Pwd:he default of password is usually as " ",
Video:According to the machine model selection(model 5030:mjpeg) P2P:[pic]
DID:camera ID(search in lan)
Click "OK" to end the setup.

4.8 paly Video
drag (Device name) play video
Note:Select the correct video stream ,For example :MJPEG [pic]

• Speaker(For audio ip camera only)
• Mic(For audio ip camera only)
• record
• snapshot

4.10 “System—System configuration”.

4.11 Screen:1/4/9/16/25/36/49/64/Full Screen
4.12 Function keys
[pic] Control the PT(For PT ip camera only)
[pic]cruise(For PT ip camera only)
[pic]cruise(For PT ip camera only)
[pic]OSD:Display the camera name and time
[pic] [pic] Flip /Mirror
[pic]IO closed(For IO ip camera only)
[pic]IO Open(For IO ip camera only)

Chapter 5 camera parameter setting
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