Topics: September 11 attacks, Security, Terrorism Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Private security can play a role in protecting our country because segments of our countrys inforstructure are often privately owned. One catastrophic failure in one of these segments has the potential bring down multiple systems including air traffic control, emergency services, banking, trains, electrical power, and dam control. The elements of the infrastructure themselves are also considered possible targets of terrorism. Disrupting or even disabling the infrastructure may reduce the ability to defend the nation, lower public confidence in critical services, and reduce economic strength. Additionally, well chosen terrorist attacks can become easier than traditional warfare because the inferstructor is interconected. Private security can be important to these infrastructure segments and they need to be properly secure and monerted or they can become easy targets . The elements of the infrastructure are also vulnerable to a different types of threats. These threats include equipment failures, human error, weather and natural causes, physical attacks, and cyber attacks. For each of these threats, the cascading effect caused by single points of failure has the potential to pose far reaching consequences. Private security can serve in deterring, neutralizing, or mitigating the effects of a terrorist attack or natural disaster, and to strengthen preparedness, response, and recovery in the event of an emergency. The aftermath of the September 11, 2001, attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center shows the high vulnerability of America's infrastructure to terrorist attacks and the consequences of not protecting it. The terrorists were able to take advantage of weakness in America's infrastructure but private security can prevent attacks vital to the security, economy, and survival of the nation, such as computer networks, energy supplies, and...
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