Indiana Jones

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The films national treasure and the series of Indiana jones had many various techniques in which made them very successful e.g. lighting, sounding, characters and many more, that is what I will be talking about how these techniques that made these movies so successful. Sounding in these two movies are very important in how the movies are portrayed. In the movie Indiana jones, he has specific theme music when he has defeated the bad guys or has done something successful. And also when something bad is about to happen the music changes and you can tell that something bad is about to happen. Also in the movie national treasure there are many ways the music effects the mood, just like the Indiana jones series when the mood changes the music goes with it, but in the national treasure movies the isn’t much music in the movie but when something goes wrong or right the music changes with it. Characters are also a very major part in these two movies because if they don’t have them there wouldn’t be a movie all together. The characters in the background in the movie Indiana jones are very important to show what is happening in the movie, they are almost as important as the main characters, if there were no background actors / actresses you wouldn’t get the feeling of the whole movie the reaction in scenes where there is a lot of fighting their reaction is important. Also the in Indiana jones the good vs bad characters make the movie more intence and grab the audiences attention and that is how the movie was so successful many people like the action and adventure genera and this is exactly what people like, it is the same in the national treasure. Lighting in the movie isn’t as major in the movies as the sound or characters, but it still is pretty major, the lighting in these movies are very much like the sounding when the mood changes the lighting changes. In the scene at the very end of the first movie of Indiana jones the lighting in that bit is very major, when...
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