Implementing Change Paper

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A manager is a person who is responsible for being in charge of all or a piece of a company or organization. A manager is very important and can make or break a company. According to DuBrin (2008), desirable personal characteristics make a manager somebody that the employees can look up to, and sense content following them. Some of those characteristics are motivation, integrity, optimism, dependability, and confidence. Some level of business insight is essential for a manager. Being knowledgeable about fundamental business values and practices can be helpful, such as having knowledge of the company, being organized, money management, and legal implications. It is necessary for a good manager to be able to communicate thoroughly and effectively. Managers should make sure to develop the skill to converse as part of his or her efforts. Some characteristics that should be acquired to be an affective conversationalist and execute management duties are verbal and written communication, constructive feedback, active listening, and organized presentations. Managers should also know how to build professional relationships with employees with qualities such as respect, values, collaboration, and being a team player. The contents of this paper will define the roles and responsibilities of a manager when change is implemented and how he or she should handle the change using assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Roles and responsibilities in implementing change

Change is very popular in any company or organization. Change management deals with how changes to the company or department are managed so they don't degrade performance. Once an organization commit to planned change, the manager needs to construct a reasonable step by step approach in order to achieve the goals of change. According to Gilley (2001), a planned change entails managers to follow a seven step method for successful implementations. The first step is to...
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