HY Dairies

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Problem Statement
Employees at Hy Dairies Ltd. are not receiving the proper acknowledgement or promotions based on their performance. This leads to employees believing that it is due to some form of stereotyping.

An example of this can be seen in the marketing department, between Syd Gilman the vice-president and Rochelle Beaucoup an assistant brand manager. Due to Beaucoup’s results in last year sales, Gilman offered her a new position as market research coordinator. Beacoup thought of this as a “backroom” job and feels like she is being side lined because of her gender and race. The relationship between Gilman and Beaucoup in her perspective does not have the ability to be openly critical. This causes Rochelle to make a decision between leaving the company or try to change the Hy Dairies practices.

1.Provide awareness of perceptual biases
2.Addresses stereotypical issues
3.Quickly addresses issues between the company and employees

1.Hy Dairies can create a more “open door concept” by having a confidential telephone line, and/or email address 2. Employee and individual(s) in human resources who can bring an non-bias opinion 3.Provide training seminars on stereotyping or social identity to superiors and employees


Having an “open door” concept in a company can allow employees to reach out to an individual who is not involved who can come in and access a situation with a non-bias evaluation. If we were to have had this in the Hy Dairies situation, Beaucoup could have called the telephone line since she was not comfortable addressing the issue with Gilman. This individual could have reviewed the factors, and interviewed both Beaucoup and Gilman about the promotion/issue. Perhaps this can draw up the idea as to why Beaucoup believed it was due to her gender and ethnicity that she was being “side lined”, along with how Gilman saw it as an excellent...
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