HRM 560 WRITING ASSIGNMENT 2 Environmental Pressures v2a

Topics: Corporation, Change, Change management Pages: 1 (1150 words) Published: February 8, 2015

Assignment 2: Environmental Pressures
Sandra T. Sims, Student
Summer Quarter 2014
HRM 560 – Managing Organizational Change
Instructor: Dr. Mary Hair Collins
1. Create a table where at least three (3) organizational pressures and at least three (3) environmental pressures in the organization are illustrated and rank those pressures according to their influence.

Corporate organizational pressures describe change both negatively and positively for the company and its employees. These evaluations of environmental and organizational pressures are described using Company XYZ, one of my previous employers. Change takes place as a consequence of strategic pressures driving the organization to new directions. The following is a table describing organizational pressures and its various levels of effectiveness.

Company XYZ, Organizational Pressures
Rank according to influence / Pressures of change
Managers are forced to change their department to a paperless society or risk their position Director
Peer competitiveness for positions
The flight to lead renaissance while preserving tradition

Company XYZ, Environmental Pressures

Market share and economic changes
Mandates from outside agencies
Changes in geopolitical relationships
(McManus, 2009)

2. Describe in detail the environmental and organizational pressures that exist in the organization and how they have evolved over time. The internal and external pressures that exist in Company XYZ have evolved over time due to corporate changes. Company XYZ was purchased by another company four years ago. During this transition both the company’s management and employees experienced drastic changes. Corporate changes always come with resistance from some level of employment. In the Company XYZ executive management pushed changed due to merger conditions for both administratively and...

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