Homeland Security After 9/11

Homeland security After 9/11
Department of homeland security
Who are they?
DHS was established to consolidate efforts of all of the domestic agencies in securing American borders and infrastructure. It possesses functions reaching far beyond what previous domestic security agencies used to have. The need for a new efficient apparatus to manage domestic security was realized very quickly: on 9/11 2001 no one was prepared for the type of attacks launched against the United States of America. Homeland defense under unprecedented challenges was improvised at the moment Ц no one was trained to cope with such attacks and casualties.  What do they Do?


How do they do this?
*Activities and Programs
*Laws and Regulations
*Committees and working groups
Recommendations for further development
Apart from encouraging DHS for further development plans to protect Americans at home, enhance preparedness, quick response and preemptive measures, there are several other recommendations from authoritative sources, including the Recommendation of 9/11 commission (page 428)  


Department of defence
Dr. Robert Gates � secretary of Defense
Established in 1947
Pentagon is the headquarters of The Department of Defense
�The Department of Defense is a mammoth organization. As estimated in The 9/11 commission (Article 3.5) The Department of Defense has the annual budget that exceeds the GDP of Russia. During September 11 attack a plane crashed into Pentagon and 125 people died  

Videos, which showed airplanes crashing into the building of Pentagon, were published on the Internet (Russian Version) For all directives, speeches, statements related to war on terror follow the hyperlink. Priorities:

Before 9/11, as the report showed, in mid-nineties the top priority for the Department of Defense was �planning how to handle the possibility of a domestic terrorist incident involving WMD�. This included training responders to such kind of threat. So, one may claim that the threat was not expected in the way it happened on 9/11: it was expected from a different direction. So After 9/11 it became evident to many that the Department of Defense also �had holes� in its system.� A common miss apprehension would be to say that the department of Defense is mainly concerned with external threat. When asked �Who is responsible for defending us at home?� the majority answers �first, The Department of Defense�second, the Department of Homeland Security�. After terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 the main priorities have been: -Focusing on external strategic threats to the country

-Providing the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of the US. -Through military forces of the United States preparing the country for terrorist attacks; prepare programs in order to deter war. -After 9/11 the top 1st priority was the War in Afghanistan. - In 2007 Pentagon claimed that Khalid Scheich Mohammed was one of those who organized the September attacks. Mohammed is kept in Guantanamo. (Video in Russian)


Director Robert S. MuellerIII
(September 4, 2001- Present) was nominated by President George W. Bush and became the sixth Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on September 4, 2001.  
Before 9/11 FBI had long favored its criminal justice over its national security mission and it also didn�t have efficient methods of intelligence collecting as 9/11 showed. Needless to say, the demand for FBI criminal justice is still very high, but Sept 11, 2001 changed this state of matter. Experts describe the FBI�s information system before 9/11 as �woefully inadequate�.  

After 9/11: the FBI is trying to foresee the catastrophe by investigating the networks of extremists in the country with the help of communities and people of the US. For the 1sttime the FBI proclaimed counterterrorism as their top priority. The diversity of homegrown extremists and the direct knowledge they have of the...
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