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Topics: Industrial Revolution, Midwestern United States, Economics Pages: 3 (670 words) Published: December 23, 2014
2.01 Industrialization Changes America Assignment
By: Rebecca St.Pierre

Political views often clashed because the growth of the industry also highlighted the gap between rich and poor in this region. The government turned away from the south. Therefore the south had to do the rebuilding and reconstruction by themselves. Faced problems, including riots and discriminatory laws when the Immigrants were willing to work for lower wages than the white settlers. Social and political campaigns took root here. In rural areas, farmers were also politically active. Social

When labor unions started, people demanded an increase in pay and they couldn’t give them that so it caused a major problem. Since the Slaves were free now, the South had to rely on themselves to keep up with the plantation, some took in old slaves and offered them a deal to work for little pay. Some immigrants from China arrived in the West looking for jobs on the expanding railroads, so they took them in and paid them less than the average white man. The gap between the rich and poor was a source of friction. Social reform movements arose in Ohio and Illinois. It was a region in which social and political campaigns took root. Economic or Type of Economy

The US was a Market Economy because they can still buy and sell things like they did before the Revolution. Economy had to be rebuilt after it was hurt really bad from the impact of the Civil War. The economy continued to be based on natural resources and did not support much on industrial growth. They experienced an economic growth in both farming and manufacturing. Upper Midwest states became centers of industry and a hub for shipping and transport. Population Change

Immigrants came to the US to get work, and by 1870 about 15% of the US population was foreign born. Most people migrated North. The South was a very bad place to live at the time with limited supplies and resources. The white...
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