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RMIT University Vietnam|
Research Project
For Railway Transportatopm Joint Stock Company (RATRACO)
No1 Team
Timothy Costigan2/9/2012

RMIT International University Vietnam
BP181 Bachelor of Commerce Program

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Assignment due date:| 3 September 2012|
Date of submission: | 3 September 2012|
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Word Count: (exclude executive summary, reference & appendix)| 2,011|

Executive Summary

According to Wasson (2004) all organizations need to change towards stronger sustainable stand to be able to compete in the industry. Railway Transportation Joint Stock Company (RATRACO) is not an exception. One of its major changes occurred when Mr. Hung, the Chairman and General Director of RATRACO, seized the opportunity to expand his business to hospitality and restaurant industry. The interview with Mr. Hung was conducted for a closer look onto change implementation at RATRACO. Generally this paper is going to study the rationale under such a transformation and how it was initiated. Furthermore, based on a direct interview with Mr. Hung, we examines how Mr. Hung has performed and led the company into this new phase. From self observation and evidence collected throughout the interview, it is concluded that Mr. Hung has participative leadership style, which especially focus on collaborating with other people and encourage them to develop their abilities (Miller et al. 2012). Moreover, the analysis pointed out several fundamental theories which are closely related to Mr. Hung’s leading style, for example, inspirational appeal influence tactic and expect power. Afterwards we concentrate on the change process at RATRACO. In short the main reason that led to such a change at RATRACO is due to the pressure from a competitive economic environment. Furthermore, several other barriers to change named employees’ resistance and the potential disruption to core service (transportation) of the company. Lastly, there indicates a number of recommendations to help RATRACO overcome challenges and further raise its productivity and employees’ job satisfaction. Besides, throughout the course we have gained another insight into self’s capability to lead change. We reflected upon ourselves, then drew up action plan for future perfection in the self assessments at the end of this report. Our group researches the project via 2 major sources. In terms of primary source, the interview with Mr. Hung provides insight view of a leader in implementing changes in organization. Afterthat, we use secondary source, such as academic books and journals, to critical analyse the case.

Table of Content

1Executive Summary1
2Table of Content3
4PART A - RATRACO’s expansion and its leadership5
5PART B - Analysis on the leader’s approach towards the change6
6PART C - Conclusion and Recommendations9
6.1.1Report Conclusion9
7References List10
8Interview Transcript12
9Individual Report15
9.1Tran Cong Nghia (s3311920)15
9.2Nguyen Huong Ly (s3245955)18
9.3Nguyen Viet Trinh (s3312294)22
9.4Tran Hong Nhung (s3372769)25
9.5Nguyen Thi Thu Ha (s3342035)28


Railway industry in Vietnam, with its profound history of 131 years (from 1881 – 2012) operating under the war against France until the stage of peace (Vietnam Railways 2012), went through numerous changes. One of the most...

References: * Judge, T, Heller, D & Mount, M 2002, ‘Five factor model of Personality and Job Satisfaction: A meta-Analysis’, Journal of Applied Psychology, vol 87, no.12, June
Nguyen Thi Thu Ha (s3342035)
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