Goals of Change Initiative

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Running head: Goals of the Change Initiative

Goals of the Change Initiative
Rebecca Souza
CTU Online- Managing Organizational Change and Development
Professor Saundra Braxton
May 21, 2011

The human species was not created to accept change easily. If we really take our time to sit back and look at the situation it all begins when we are babies. Not one of us was willing to give up that bottle and being using a Sippy cup. This is something that our parents had to convince us into thinking is best or better for us, as we all know now is the case. This is the same issue we have to face when introducing change into Pegasus. Our current department heads are wary about the changes that are about to occur and we need to communicate to them the necessity behind our decisions. This document is a memo that discusses with the department heads of Pegasus the goals of our change initiative and how they can be involved in the process.

Goals of the Change Initiative

| |Pegasus Company |


To:All Department Heads

From:Rebecca Souza

CC:Saundra Braxton

Date:22 May 11

Re:Goals of the Change Initiative

Good Afternoon,
We have been researching various areas of Pegasus Company in the past few months in order to gain some insight on the recent losses that we have seen. It is our intention to find out where the difficulties lay, how we can diagnose the problem, and what our solution to the problem is. We know this company has been around for quite some time and has seen many successes. We want to be able to continue the success of the past and eliminate all of the issues that can hold us back. I would like to tell you about the research I have conducted, what steps we must take to correct the issues, and how you can be involved in the change. It has come to our attention that...
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