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Topics: IP address, Subnetwork, Classless Inter-Domain Routing Pages: 36 (5063 words) Published: January 1, 2015
VLSM Made Easy

Chika Nwokeoma

Variable Length Subnet Masks

Made Easy


VLSM Made Easy

Chika Nwokeoma

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VLSM Made Easy

Chika Nwokeoma

……………………………………………………………………………………….. IP Addressing Overview.....4
. What an IP Address?.......4
. IP Address Format..........5
. IP Address Class and Range......6
Planning to Address the Network....8
. Why Plan, design and document....8
The Use of a hierarchal or structural IP Addressing
. Benefits of a hierarchical network design...9
The use of Subnet in Structuring the Network....12
. Let’s talk Subnet Mask.....12
Humans see Decimals; Computer sees Binary.....13
. IP Address Classes, decimals and binary
Basic Subnetting Process....21
Variable Length Subnet Masks (VLSM)....24
Benefits of VLSM:....24
Implementing VLSM....25
VLSM Practice....33


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VLSM Made Easy

Chika Nwokeoma

IP Addressing Overview
My aim of writing this eBook is to teach you how to subnet using VLSM the easy way. I will not go into those technical jargons; I will try as much as possible to use a layman’s language to pass my message through. For those of us who expect CCNA technical jargons; forgive me, I follow and work out everything in live my own way and learn jargons later!

I promised myself to go straight to VLSM, but I won’t be doing some readers justice without giving an overview of what IP addressing is. If you are writing the CCNA exam or you are a network administrator, the thorough knowledge of TCP/IP especially IP addressing and subnetting is a must!

What an IP Address?
An IP addressing is a sort of unique identification number used in the location of each device on the network or internet. It’s like a phone number, a house number, or post code used to identify a house or location of an individual. (Those of us who work in a post office know how it works.).

For your letter to reach its location, it must be addressed properly with the destination country , when it get there, the post office will narrow it down to the state or province, town, village and finally the street and house number then to the intended individual. With this house number, you can send and receive letters.

The communication between hosts or devices (PCs, server, printers) on different network is made possible through IP addresses..
Before we go further, let’s see how to find your ip address of your computer. The easiest way is to use the command prompt; for other ways see ways to find your IP address.
In the command prompt; (Windows 7, Vista, and XP)
Click Start, and then select All Programs.
Click Accessories, and then select Command Prompt.
At the command prompt, enter: ipconfig
Tap the enter tab.


VLSM Made Easy

Chika Nwokeoma

The IP address of your Computer will be displayed with the network mask and dns server ip as the case may be

Now…what about the subnet mask; I could hear you ask, don’t worry, we will go fully into that as we proceed.
A proper IP address is divided into two parts: The Host Address and The Network Address.
The host part of...
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