Freedom vs. Security; Witchcraft, Security, and Terror

Topics: September 11 attacks, The Crucible, Salem witch trials Pages: 3 (1127 words) Published: November 21, 2013
Freedom vs. Security; Witchcraft, Security, and Terror
Witchcraft, security, and terror are some of the major issues in society. In “The Crucible”, witchcraft played a key role in Salem. The children were being accused of doing witchcraft and then the people in Salem started believing lies told by the children, which cause innocent people to be convicted and hung for no reason. Security plays a very important role in society for the protection of our country. A great example for why we needed more security was September 11, 2001. Terrorists hijacked 4 planes and killed thousands of people in one day. Terror is also a key role in “The Crucible” by the fear of being accused of doing witchcraft and casting spells on people. Terror is also used on 9/11 by the threat of the American lives. In 1692 Salem and the post 9/11 experience; witchcraft, security, and terror are the most major issues in the society. The real question is should there be more freedom and less security or more security and less freedom?

To start off, in the book the Crucible, there are many scenarios where there are many issues of witchcraft. Abigail Williams is the first person we know that encouraged witchcraft. Abigail persuaded Tituba and many others to go in the middle of the woods and “speak to the spirits.” As they were going through their process off witchcraft and talking to the spirits, John Proctor happens to be stumbling through the woods and catches them mid way through their process. Everybody flees and John Proctor catches a glimpse of a woman who happened to be running naked. This was Abigail. Soon after, Betty was found in bed and was seems she was in a coma. Later on, we find out that the same thing happened to Ruth, her too laying in bed in what looks like a coma. Everyone is blaming this on witchcraft from the night before. Later in the story, in act two, Abigail frames Elizabeth Proctor for doing witchcraft. There was a great amount of freedom in Salem...
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