Freedom education

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Should students have more freedom in education
There are many countries in the world and each country have many number of students and they have different education system. However, they don’t have freedom in education because of the school’s law and teachers. In my opinion, students should have more freedom in education, in fact, students can give their own opinion, they can create new method or theory in their subject and also must keep less school’s time-table. Firstly, most teachers dislike when students give their opinion to them. They believe that students must follow their rules, for example, the teacher who like to use only one theory some in Mathematics questions but some students will give their opinion and ask for the way to easy to solve it. If students have more freedom in education, they can give their own opinion and also can discuss with the teachers about their study. However, it hasn’t freedom and most teachers give a lot of homework and also they want to receive on time what they said. I think that also can get stress because of very strict teacher’s law. Every students need to do homework but they can do slow and steady when they have freedom in education. Secondly, they can create new method or theory in their subject . however, it is quiet difficult for students because of their teachers and school’s law. In fact, some students are very creative in their subjects so I think that is good for education area. Therefore, most people are thinking that they only can follow the theory of famous person like Albert Einstein. I think that is just people’s feeling. Not only Albert Einstein but also students can create new...
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