Formal Process Change

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Formal Process Change
1. The importance of understanding Business Process Change as it relates to your future employment plans.

Change is a very important aspect of any condition whether it is going to be applicable in personal life or any business life. In a competitive world, if we will not adept the changes as according to the requirement of the time, we cannot survive in the long term. As according to Kandwalla, (1982), Organisational Change means “significant change in any one or more of the task, structure and the people of the organization”. But if we talk about the process of the change should be formal or informal for all organizations. So I think that it should be formally whether the organization is small or big. The process should be implemented formally for the effective change in the organization. There are various factors that are required to adapt through changes. These factors can be related to environment related adaptation, individual related adaptation, structural related adaptation, technological related adaptation, and task related adaptation. So if we want to adapt all the factors in an effective and efficient way, it is very important to implement the formal change process. Otherwise, there may be great chances of the failure of the efforts of change process. The formal change process creates the value for the employees of the organization that help in accepting and supporting the changes. 2. Is a formal process change necessary for all organizational changes? If so, explain why. If not, explain why not?

The formal or informal process changes process change according to Business Process Change policy manual there is a Purpose, Policy, References, Definitions, Responsibilities, Procedures, Records Retention and Disposal, Management Controls. Policy: the policy is explained about any organizational changes. It also gives an idea that how to develop an organizational change that basically improve the productivity...

References: Definitions, Responsibilities, Procedures, Records Retention and Disposal, Management Controls.
Policy: the policy is explained about any organizational changes. It also gives an idea that how to develop an organizational change that basically improve the productivity and accomplish the both short and long term goals strategic plans. This also determines that this kind of change could be beneficial to the any company’s mission. The change also allows analyzing the potential impact. The most important part is that the organization conducts to see if the organization 's mission accomplish. The organizational changes is basically Establish and organization, abolish an organization, transfer an organization, change and organization functional statement, change an organization name, change an organization entity’s reporting relationship etc. ( Harmon, 2008)
3. Review the Business Process Change document you submitted in Unit 5 and describe in detail whether the information contained within sufficiently addressed issues related to the suggested change (made in Unit 1).
3a. what additional information should be included in your specific change document for the process (es) identified? Why would those items need to be included? If no additional items or information is necessary explain why your document, as written, is thorough and complete as a process change plan.
Change document is prepared to bring the necessary changes in a specific process. IT includes the various information related to change process like why the change is required, existing position, required or desired situation, requesting, determining attainability, planning, implementing and evaluating of changes of a system. This document is prepared with two main goals – first is to support the process of change and secondly- enabling traceability of changes that is done through proper execution of the process. I think it already includes all the necessary and important information that is required for the changing process because this document is specifically prepared for the particular process. So it includes all the information related to the process. No additional information is required for it. My document is complete as a process change plan because it includes all the necessary information related to the structure, task, people and technology. It means it clearly defines the hierarchy structure, span of management, line-staff and functional authority and task related changes like what will be the internal work motivation, quality work performance and technology related changes like problem solving and decision making process, changes in method of production and people related changes like skills and behaviours required to perform these specific functions. So it does not require additional information. (Harmon, 2008)
Conduct a self-evaluation and describe your own performance and approach to the class throughout the semester. What was your initial impression of the course and coursework and how did it change (if any) throughout the semester? What recommendations would you make to an incoming student regarding how to be successful in the course? Provide a thorough and supporting explanation for each answer.
Harmon, P. (2008). Business process change, a guide for business managers and bpm and six sigma professionals. (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA 01803: Morgan Kaufmann. DOI:
Hart, J. (1996). The management of change in police organizations. Retrieved from
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