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The Final Exam consists of a set of 45 questions from 15 important topics presented in the NSA program. You are required to answer only 15 questions from this set. Answers to these questions should be based upon the relevant courses in the program.

Each topic contains three skill levels. You need to choose a question which exhibits the highest skill level you can demonstrate fully: Level 1: Definition or basic level. This level shows a basic understanding of the concepts. Level 2: Application level. This level gives you an opportunity to explain how something works or how to apply a concept. Level 3: Troubleshooting level. This level presents you with a problem. To answer a question at this level, you must diagnose the issue and explain how to correct it.

Choose only ONE question from EACH of the 15 topics and provide an answer for it. The grade will depend upon the difficulty level of the question you select as well as on how well you have written it. You can also include examples and drawings to support your answers. Note that you must always specify the level you are attempting in your Word document along with the answers.

This exam is worth 15% of the overall individual grade. If you choose to miss this exam, you will receive a 0. There is no opportunity for makeup.

The points for each difficulty level are as follows:
Level 1 questions are worth a maximum of 6 points
Level 2 questions are worth a maximum of 8 points
Level 3 questions are worth a maximum of 10 points

Individual Skills Assessment Scoring Table

Levels of Knowledge
Number of Topics Satisfied
Number of Topics Failed
Points Per Question
Points Earned

Synthesis/ Evaluation

( ) x 1.0 = ____
Application/ Analysis

( ) x 0.8 = ____
Knowledge/ Comprehension

( ) x 0.6 = ____
Total Points Earned

For example, if you satisfied 5 questions at the top level, 5 questions at the middle level, 4 questions at the lowest level, and failed to address 1 question (total of 15 questions), this is what you get:

5 x 1 = 5
5 x 0.8 = 4
4 x 0.6 = 2.4
1 x 0 = 0

5 + 4 + 2.4 + 0 = 11.4 Total Points Earned


Computer Structure
Course: NT1110

TOPIC I: The Input/ Output Process

1) Level 1: Definition
Question: A person wishes to purchase a personal computer for home usage. Identify the internal hardware components this computer should contain.

2) Level 2: Application
Question: Explain in simple terms the I/ O process.

3) Level 3: Troubleshooting questions
Question: You typed “abcd”, but the locally attached printer prints garbled text. How do you go about resolving this issue?

Basic Networking
Course(s) NT1210/ NT1310

Topic II: OSI Model
1) Level 1: Definition
Question: What is the OSI model?

2) Level 2: Application
Question: Use the OSI model to explain how an email message from you gets read by the recipient on his/ her computer.

3) Level 3: Troubleshooting
Question: A user reports that they cannot download a file from the Internet. Using the OSI model, what are some of the questions a network administrator may ask to troubleshoot this problem?

Topic III: SOHO Broadband
1) Level 1: Definition
Question: Describe popular broadband solutions available to consumers in today’s market.

2) Level 2: Application
Question: Design a broadband solution for a home network that will accommodate access from multiple servers, computers, printers, TVs, phones and mobile devices for the home entertainment and data storage/ sharing as well as telephony services.

3) Level 3: Troubleshooting
Question: A small law office is equipped with a broadband service. The office network has recently encountered various symptoms of degraded services. Some individuals are not able to access data from the file server hosted in house from time to time, while some others are not able to access the email and database...
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