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Department of Homeland Security
Howard Dafney

The federal government of the United States empowers a wide range of law enforcement agencies to maintain law and public order related to matters affecting the country as a whole. The Federal Law enforcement agencies are only authorized to enforce various laws generally only on a federal level. Majority of these agencies have broad federal enforcement powers, but most enforce only narrow portions of federal law. In some cases, they may be empowered to enforce state and local law as well. These agencies may generally have nationwide jurisdiction for enforcement of designated federal law but specifically their power is geographically limited. Most federal agencies are limited by the U.S. Code to investigating matters that are explicitly within the power of the federal government. Some federal investigative powers have become broader in practice, since the passage of the USA Patriot Act in October 2001.

The Department of Homeland Security was established on November 25, 2002, by the Homeland Security Act of 2002. It was intended to consolidate the U.S. executive branch organizations related to "homeland security" into a single Cabinet agency. Therefore, due to the response from the September 11th attack, past President George Bush, announced the establishments to coordinate “homeland security” establishments. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) later became a part of the federal agency that was created in response due to the 9/11 attack that occurred in the United States. The DHS also showed primary responsibilities for protecting the United States of America from terrorist attacks, accidents that are man-made, United States territories, and natural disasters. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, assistant to the president of homeland security stated, “The mission of the office will be to developed and coordinate...

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National Strategy for Homeland Security, October 2007 (PDF, 62 pages)
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