Factors of Change

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The following factors should be considered whenever change is being contemplated:
1.The Change Agent
2.Determining What should be Changed
3.The kind of Change to Make
4.Individuals affected by the Change
5.Evaluation of the Change


The change agent might be a self designated manager within the organization or an outside consultant hired because of a special expertise in a particular area.
This individual might be responsible for making very broad changes, like altering the culture of the whole organization; or more narrow ones, like designing and implementing a new safety program or a new quality program.

Special skills are necessary for success as a change agent. Among them are the ability to determine how a change should be made, the skill to solve change related problems, and facility in using behavioural science tools to influence people appropriately during the change process.

Perhaps the most overlooked skill of successful change agents, however, is the ability to determine how much change employees can withstand.
Managers should choose agents who have the most expertise in all these areas. A potentially beneficial change might not result in any advantages for the organization if a person without expertise in these areas is designated as a change agent.


Organizational effectiveness depends on 3 classes of factors: 1.People

People Factors are attitudes, leadership skills, communication skills, and all other characteristics of the human resources within the organization; Structural Factors are organizational controls, such as policies and procedures; and Technological Factors are any type of equipment or processes that assist organization members in the performance of their jobs.

For an organization to maximize its effectiveness, appropriate people must be matched with appropriate technology and appropriate structure.

Most changes can be categorized into one of the 3 kinds:


These 3 kinds of change correspond to the 3 main determinants of the organizational effectiveness – each change is named for the determinant it emphasizes.

Structural change emphasizes increasing organizational effectiveness by changing controls that influence organization members during the performance of their jobs.
Structural change is aimed at increasing the organizational effectiveness through modifications to the existing organizational structure like:
1.Clarifying and Defining Jobs
2.Modifying Organizational Structure to fit the communication needs of the organization 3.Decentralizing the organization to reduce the cost of coordination, increase the controllability of subunits, increase motivation, and gain greater flexibility.

Although structural change must take account of people and technology to be successful, its primary focus is obviously on changing organization structure.
Managers choose to make structural changes within an organization if information they have gathered indicates that the present structure is the main cause of organizational ineffectiveness.
The precise structural changes they choose to make will vary from situation to situation, of course. After changes to organizational structure have been made, management should conduct periodic reviews to make sure the changes are accomplishing their intended purposes.

Matrix Organization:

Matrix Organizations is a traditional organization that is modified primarily for the purpose of completing some kind of special project.
Essentially, a matrix organization is one in which individuals from various functional departments are assigned to a project manager responsible for accomplishing some specific task.
The project itself may be...
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