Examine Racial and Ethnic Strife in California in the 1920s Through 1940s Were Racial Relations Generally Harmonious in These Times? What Were Some of the Major Events, Personalities, and Attitudes Surrounding the Subject in That Period?

Topics: Zoot suit, Osama bin Laden, World War II Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: December 6, 2005
The good times of the 1920s came to an end with stock market crash in 1929. The reason was because Franklin Delano Roosevelt changed the role of the federal government in America society. Most of all industries decline tremendously creating movements such as Ham and Eggs, the Townsend, Technocracy. Between 1935 and 1939 nearly 300, southwesters migrated from California. Most of them came from the lower plains states, notably Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas but were generally dabbed "okies". In that time, these immigrants suffer racism such as other ethnicities because they came for opportunity but unfortunately California was in depression which caused more impact to the economy. The term racism refers to discrimination and exclusion from other races such as the Japanese Removal in times of World War II. These people were excluded and discriminated because much people believed that they came to California in order to caused chaos and destruction. In the same way, a good example of today could be September 11 were people felt afraid with anyone who look like Osama Bin Laden. As has been noted, the diversity of people in California brought a unique place and also creating a new culture fashion such as the Pachuco style. The Mexican society in California were traditionalist and conservative which in someway people were discriminated and excluded from the society in that period. As a result of these feelings, an African American youth fashion, closely connected to jazz culture, the zoot suit was co-opted by a generation of Mexican American kids, who made it their own. The oversized suit was both an outrageous style and a statement of defiance. Zoot suiters asserted themselves, at a time when fabric was being rationed for the war effort, and in the face of widespread discrimination.

As a conclusion, every single ethnicity has been experienced racism in one way to another. I would say that California at some point is the only place that people from...
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