Topics: IP address, Data flow diagram, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Pages: 3 (379 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Assignment 1(DAC0173)-Please sent 1st week after mid semester examination ok.

Please answer all questions

Chapter 1

1. Define accounting information system(AIS).

2. Explain the meaning of input, process and output of AIS.

3. State 2 types of users of accounting information system.

4. How accounting information system helps auditors, tax consultants, accountant and management accountant in their jobs.

5. Explain the characteristics of a good information in being useful to the users.

6. Differentiate between data, information and system.

7. Explain various types of information system in an organization.

8. Discuss primary business processes.

9. Elaborate supporting business processes.

10. Explain briefly 4 types transaction processing cycles.

Chapter 2

1. What is the purpose of documentation for accountant/auditors.

2. Define Data Flow Diagram(DFD).

3. Define Flowcharts.

4. Explain 3 types of flowcharts.

5. What does DFD shows to the users.

6. State & illustrate 4 types of Input/Output flowcharts symbol.

7. What do you understand by ‘sandwich’ rule when constructing flowcharts.

8. Constructing flowcharts and data flow diagrams needs proper heading. Explain.

9. Illustrate & explain the 4 criteria of DFD.

10. Discuss 4 differences between DFD and flowcharts.

Chapter 3

1. Define e-commerce.

2. Explain various types of servers used to support internet transactions.

3. Elaborate the history of internet.

4. What do you understand by Bitney, Milnet and NFSnet.

5. What do you understand by IP address. Give 3 examples.

6. What is the differences between Fixed IP address & Dynamic IP address.

7. Define intranets and extranets.

8. What do you understand by firewalls and proxy servers.

9. Give the definition of servers. How does it differs from clients.

10. Identify...
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