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Topics: Customer service, IP address, Irritation Pages: 3 (547 words) Published: November 24, 2014
Christian Guevara
Dr. Hank
English 302
Group Correspondence Assignment
1 April 2014

To: SnM Staff
From: Gian Franco, CEO
Re: Update regarding Company’s situation status

The Company is enduring legal defense against lawsuits.

Over the past six months, SnM has encountered a few mischiefs. Our product, “Beetle Rum,” has been linked to the development of severe rashes and skin irritation by its users. Currently I have hired a lawyer to fight all pending lawsuits.

More information will be released as the situation unfolds. Please email me for any questions. Thank you for your patience and support.

B) For this assignment, my audience is the company’s staff. These people are my subordinates and run the company that I’m in charge of, furthermore, they make sure company affairs are settled and there are no unresolved disputes. I have addressed my audience with a professional approach, I keep them updated by addressing the specific problems the company is facing and giving them updates on the company’s endeavors.

Gian Franco, CEO


400 W. Main St.
Phoeniz, Az 85284

Lucius Leadpusher at Law
8213 S. Court way
Phoenix, Az 85206

Dear Lucius,

I’d like to express my sincere apologies for the detriments our company’s product has caused your client. Unfortunately, it is not feasible to release the chemical composition of the “Beetle rum” product.

Once again, on behalf of the company I apologize for your clients hardships and we are hopeful that they will recuperate soon. For additional questions please feel free to contact me at Jsmith@snm.co

Best Regards,

John Smith, Customer Service Rep.

B) For this assignment, my audience is a particular client who has endured hardships due to a defective product of the company. The client I am addressing wishes to know the chemical composition of the product our company sold him. In knowing the products formula he may use...
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