Employee Involvement and Commitment

Topics: Change management, Organization Pages: 5 (1607 words) Published: March 4, 2012
In this report is going to explain in details a critical analyzes of employee involvement and commitment in the process of change. According to the readings that has been done, in this paper will be discussed the importance of the connections between employee involvement and commitment and their impact in the process of change. In order to provide support to this theory the paper includes examples, comparing and contrasting different articles and authors.

To write for employee involvement and commitment in a change process, it is important to provide to the reader a clear understanding of the meaning employee involvement and commitment, as well as the interaction of these two factors in order to have a successful process of change. Involvement of employee simply means when every employee is regarded like a human being, and just a cog in a machine. When the employees can have the feeling that organization is taking in account their interests as well as its own and they are being involved, this is a great indicator that will increase the commitment of employee. With such a behavior by employs the one that is going to benefit the most is no doubt the organization itself, and especially during the process of change (Jones, 2005) Furthermore, the process of change is complicated and therefore proper planning and preparation in advance it is highly important, and employee involvement and commitment caries a significant role (Vithessonthi, 2005). In addition to employee involvement and commitment this study briefly is going to cover some areas such as employee resistance to change and organizational climate for change, in order to use examples and support the theory of this study case. However learning more about the importance of the employee involvement and commitment during the process of change, it is definitely an interesting experience.

Literature review
The phenomenon organizational change, change management or any kind of change within organization has become a quite common occurrence in now day’s world business (Gumport, 2000). However many companies today are using changes in order to have more successful organizational operation. Moreover in order to have a successful change process companies should critically analyze some of the very important factors of managing change before and also during the process of change. For example: Adequate planning, providing support, employee involvement, demonstrating commitment, recognizes and handle the resistance, communication, use management tools, evaluate change, avoid pitfalls (Pearce, 2007).

However in order to narrow the circle of the research regarding change process, this paper is going to give a particular focus in the importance of employee involvement and commitment during the change process within the organization. Furthermore as it stated above some of the greatest underlying impact in the success or a failure of the organization is certainly the power of the workforce, and is important to ensure if that power is properly focused towards organization’s scope (Lawson, 2006) Having in mind the importance of the involvement and commitment during the change process, it would be obviously necessary for the organizations to have a clear plan in how to increase the degree of commitment during the change process (Haslam , Pennington, 2004). The key factor of increasing the commitment is involvement and empowering the employee in the managerial decision-making basically make the employee feel like they are part of the process of change (Daggett, 2008). Such an involvement plan should begin to be applied long while before the action of change whish is going to enable an easier flow of the process of change (Apostolou, 2000).

The previous experiences and researches proves that, involvement is normally the way to show respect and concern for the employee, that would give them a great reason to believe that organization is taking in high...
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