Embarrassed Teenagers Use Their Brain Different

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Embarrassed teenagers use their brain different

New investigations shows, that when teenagers gets embarrased by their parrents dance or singing, then they use a different part of the brain than adults to process their feelings.

For a long time, it has aroused curiosity, why teenagers experience it as embarrasing when their dad or mom does something embarrasing, while others experience it as entertainment. But now a group of scientist has made a step towards an explanation. Writes daily telegraph.

According to the newspaper the study at university collage london the first where brain scans was used to hightligt the subject.

Differnce in embarrassment

The volunteers were 19 girls at the age between 10 to 19 years old and 10 women, who was between 22 and 32 years old. They were all scanned by an MRI-scanner, while they had to deal with a broad set of emotions.

The study showed, that when it came to fear and disgust, that does not involve other peoples attitudes, then both the adults as well as the teenagers the exact same part of the brain.

But when the voulenteers was asked to think about events, that could cause embarrassment, for example when their dad dances in the grossery store or food stains on their shirt that’s running/dripping down when they have a friend over for dinner, then the scientist discovered that there was a difference, how the volunteers used a whole different part of their brains.

The study showed that the girls unlike the women, used a part of the brain, that normally is used to handle feelings and planning.

Hardly surprises any parrents

One of the scientist behind the study, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, explains, that it’s still not clarified, whether the increased brain activity we see with the teenagers
“If teenagers hold mores activity in that part of the brain, when they are embarrassed, then it might be the explanation why, they are mores sensitive among embarrassment.” Said Sarah-Jayne Blakemore to the...
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