Education in Canada

Topics: Education, High school, School Pages: 4 (1470 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Education is considered very important and crucial by many because it is supposed to help develop and shape one future and is a recognized as a crucial contributing factor to building a stable and economically functioning country. Education is supposed to provide people with financially efficient jobs, and individual education is learned throughout the country which helps make a nation smarter and more educated resulting in Canada having the knowledge that other country’s will want to gain from us. Without a proper education people will work in low-paying jobs that can be attained right after high school such as a McDonald’s cook, maids, and grocery clerks; which creates poverty. Is this really the reason the government wants us to all invest in education or is there a dark secret that we don’t know about? I don’t think so. Many believe that post-secondary education is scam and that you do not need it to obtain a great paying job. The other side doesn’t agree that post-secondary education is required to obtain a well-paying job which we will look into that later. The primary function of education in Canada is to ensure compliant citizens, productive employees and efficient consumers to promote social conformity. A primary function of education in Canada is to ensure compliant citizens. A complaint citizen is someone who conforms with society’s rules and laws and adheres to the social norms of a society. From the beginning of our young life we are taught and told how to behave, think and act. School, from kindergarten on to grade 12 we are trained to behave a certain way. From the first day we were in kindergarten we are told to stay quite when others are speaking, to answer questions, to read, when we can play, what and when to eat. As the years go on in school as we are growing our maturity level is expected to grow and be equivalent to our grade level. When we reach high school during our adolescent years we are considered at a high crime rate so stricter...

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