Economics 5050

Topics: Costs, Supply and demand, Economics Pages: 8 (1669 words) Published: March 10, 2012
Question 1
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In making a decision about whether to increase its advertising budget the firm management should not consider Answer
Selected Answer:
the added revenue from increased sales
Correct Answer:
interest payments on the firm's loan.
Response Feedback: Is this fixed cost that the firm has to pay regardless of advertising?

Question 2
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If marginal cost is equal to average total cost, then
Selected Answer: a.
marginal cost is minimized.
Correct Answer: b.
average total cost is minimized.

Question 3
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A restaurant currently has two cooks and ten waiters. Cooks earn $10 an hour and waiters earn $5 an hour. The last cook added 40 meals served to total output, while the last waiter added 25 meals served to total output. In order to maximize the number of meals served with a fixed budget, the manager should Answer

Selected Answer: b.
should use more cooks and fewer waiters because cooks are more productive than waiters. Correct Answer: d.
should use more waiters and fewer cooks because productivity per dollar is higher for waiters than for cooks. Response Feedback: What is the Marginal Product (additional meals served) per dollar spent (wages) for cooks? What is the Marginal Product per dollar spent for waiters? Which is more productive per dollar spent?

Question 4
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If the price elasticity of demand is 1.5 (in absolute value), regardless of which two points on the demand curve are used to compute the elasticity, then Answer
Selected Answer: c.
demand is perfectly elastic, and the demand curve is horizontal. Correct Answer: d.
demand is elastic, and the demand curve is downward sloping but not a straight line.

Question 5
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When marginal cost is rising, average variable cost
Selected Answer: a.
must be rising.
Correct Answer: d.
could be rising or falling.

Question 6
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The Interior Department recently announced that it will increase the entrance fees at Yellowstone National Park in order to increase park revenues. The Interior Department must believe that Answer

Selected Answer: b.
the demand for park services is elastic.
Correct Answer: c.
the percentage increase in fees will be greater than the percentage decrease in the number of park visitors.

Question 7
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A dry cleaner currently has 10 workers and 4 machines. The workers' wage rate is $300 per worker and the rental rate for a machine is $500. The last worker added 600 units to total output and the last machine also added 600 units to total output, and the last machine also added 600 units to total output. If the dry cleaner uses 11 workers and 3 machines instead, then Answer

Selected Answer: b.
cost will be unchanged and output will decrease by 200 units. Correct Answer: d.
output will be unchanged and cost will decrease by $200.

Question 8
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A Blue Ribbon Committee has decided that the amount of acid rain should be reduced and is trying to determine the optimal level of reduction. There are benefits from reducing acid rain (reduced loss of wildlife and forest, better health, etc.), but there are also costs. The committee estimates that the marginal benefit of each unit of reduction is $1,400 − 5R, where R is units of reduction, and the marginal cost is 2R. If the committee wants to maximize the net benefit from reducing acid rain, what is marginal cost at the optimal level of reduction? Answer

Selected Answer: a.
Correct Answer: d.

Question 9
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A clinic uses doctors and nurses to serve the maximum number of patients given a limited annual payroll. The clinic currently has 10 doctors and 30 nurses. The last doctor...
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