Economic Aspects of Tourism

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Economic aspects of Tourism

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Economic aspects of Tourism

The study is related to the impacts of tourism on the economy. This issue is most discussed in the countries where there is a lot of tourism activities take place. These activities help a country to boost up its revenue generations as people from different countries come to enjoy their vacations or their leisure time. However, these tourism activates provide sources to a country to become a develop nation due to the revenue generation but these tourists often make problems for the locals, for instance, in London due to the numerous tourists, people face problems at the London Heathrow airport due to its capacity. The decisions on tourism development cannot be left to the market alone, so the responsible authorities or the government should involve in these activities that is to increase the size of the London Heathrow airport.

Tourism affects the economic activities of a country, these affects often seem as the positive as the countries get various benefits from tourists but these tourism activities often make the countries to make changes in their infrastructure. Like in the case of London Heathrow airport where due to the capacity problems tourists and also the local people face problems. In addition, to continue and to facilitate the tourism activities which are considered as an important sector of an economy, the decision of expansion of the London Heathrow airport should be made. Tourism’s popularity in the newly industrialized countries increased as a result of several important developments including: • Increased standards of living, especially with respect to education and literacy, as well as levels of disposable income. • Improvements in transportation technology, especially railways and steams hips which enabled more people to travel at a lower per unit cost. • Introduction of annual holidays and a 40-hour week for some workers, especially as a means of ensuring a healthy workforce. This provided more time for travel and recreation over longer distances away from home. • Improvements in print communication technology, which meant that there were more books, magazines and newspapers available to the emerging middle classes, at relatively low cost, in which they could read about travel and leisure experiences and opportunities. • A growing appreciation of the importance of leisure in society. As a result of these combined effects of the tourism at the London Heathrow airport, a mass travel culture began to develop as the newly emerged middle classes and upper working classes aspired to travel during their holidays. Governments and the private sector, especially railway companies, quickly recognized and encouraged these trends and thus tourism became another industry for making money. It became a tool to achieve certain goals of economic growth and restructuring, employment generation, and regional development through the provision of financial incentives, research, marketing and promotional assistance. These goals were, and still are, very important for governments at all levels around the world. (Tribe, 2005, pp. 10-335) Travel and tourism are vital elements of the world economy. They provide employment, tax revenues and development incentives to growing numbers of regional and local economies. In addition the travel and tourism industry serves to enable other industries to develop through its role in supporting business, meetings and convention travel, as well as providing an attractive leisure environment in many locations. This chapter examines the economic importance of tourism, its role in contemporary economies and its contribution to the livelihood of individuals in a destination community. (Tribe, 2005, pp. 10-335)To understand the tourism economy first requires...

References: Tribe, J. (2005). “The Economics of Recreation Leisure and Tourism Butterworth Heinemann.” Oxford, Elsevier, pp. 10-335.
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