Dual WAN DUAL ISP Separate Gaming And Browsing With Failover

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Dual WAN (DUAL ISP)Separate Gaming and Browsing with Failover... Subject for revisions mula sa mga Experts at Master dito

First create a Failover routing group on System>Routing>Groups

Go to System>Advance>Miscellaneous>Load balancing and check Allow gateway switching

Go to Firewall>aliases and create alias for the selective ports for browsing and save. (Yung mga ports na yan ang karaniwang ginagamit sa browsing). By the way ports 554 is for real time streaming protocol And 8000 to 8100 is for mp3 streaming. Yung “to” nga pala ay expressed as colon “:”

After nyan punta na tayo sa Firewall>Rules>Lan
Create a Lan rule for Internet browsing by selecting:
Source: any
Destination: Any
Destination port range: from Others to others and fill up yung red na box using yung NAME ng Alias na ginawa natin kanina

Gateway: Failover 1 or kung ano yung ginawa nyong name for your first failover sa Routing Groups

Then save.

Again Create another Lan rule for gaming by selecting this options:

Protocol: Any
Source: Lan Subnet
Destination: Any
Gateway: Failover 2 kung ano yung ginawa nyong name for your Second failover sa Routing Groups.

By Dragging your mouse and Pointing to the port you have created for your browsing rule, you should see this tooltip

Finally For Floating rules

Interface: Lan and Wan (Or your Priority Interface for your Browsing o yung Tier 1 nyo sa unang failover) Direction: Out
Protocol: TCP
Source: Wan Address or your Priority Interface for your Browsing o yung Tier 1 nyo sa unang failover Destination: Any
Destination Port range: HTTP to HTTP
Gateway: Failover 1

Tried and Tested ko na to…. Working on all of my Online games. Kahit may makalusot na Nagdodownload or kahit pa may Youtube, walang problema mga Nag Oonline games

Reference: Neo_valdez of PDSL..
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