Different Types of Job Description

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Types of Job Description


The external job description is the one you post for potential applicants. It lists the title and essential functions of the job, outlines duties and responsibilities and may include administrative information such as the responsibilities of the overall department and the position of the job's supervisor. It should also list necessary qualifications, including skills, education and experience. Most external job descriptions indicate the salary and benefits offered for the position. Though they need to be brief, they should also be specific so that you're not inundated with applications from people who are unqualified.


A generic or general job description describes the job in broad terms. Depending on the size of the organization and the number of similar job positions within it, the generic description may be used as a template for department heads to craft more specific descriptions for jobs under their purview. However, the Poindexter Consulting Group warns that generic job descriptions can open a company to problems with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which enforces the Americans with Disabilities Act. This act mandates that employers not discriminate against qualified disabled people who are able to fulfill the "essential functions" of jobs. If a generic description doesn't detail what the essential functions are, you could create the appearance of discrimination.

Moreover, the government uses job descriptions to determine that employers are following legal guidelines regarding equal pay and opportunities for overtime. Generic descriptions that don't specify wages and hours won't protect you if your organization comes under government scrutiny.


The internal job description contains the same information as the external one but goes into more precise detail, according to the Grand Roads Executive Search firm. The administrative information, for example, may include the name and job title of the position's supervisor. Internal descriptions of higher level jobs may list metrics such as how much revenue the jobholder is expected to generate, how many clients or accounts she will oversee or service or how many employees she will supervise. A well-written, thorough job description ensures everyone knows what your expectations of the position are so that Human Resources can hire the right person, the person hired understands what to do and you're legally protected if the new hire doesn't meet those expectations.

Parts of a Job Description



♦ RECRUITED BY: (can be more than one)

♦ STAFF GRADE: (level of pay scale)

♦ ACCOUNTABILITY (title of position to which this job reports)

♦ ORGANIZATIONAL UNIT (department, ministry, etc.)


A short statement outlining the summary of job; its supervisory, technical, or

administrative scope.


A short statement listing the purpose of the job and should include the words, “to carry

out the mission and vision of __________Church” (or organization).


Statements outlining particular duties, tasks, or responsibilities. They should identify the

most predominant and significant duties. Last bullet point should read: This job

description is not all-inclusive and can be modified verbally or in writing by the

employee’s supervisor. Every Supervisor’s job description should include the following:

Timely conduct all performance reviews in accordance with church policy.


A description of the skills required, educational background, training, and the amount of



A statement describing the...
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