devils highway

Topics: United States, September 11 attacks, Federal government of the United States Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: November 13, 2013
Patrick Barry
Professor Doyle
English-Writing 105
18,September 2013
The Devil’s Highway
       There are many different perspectives on immigration. The Devil’s Highway, by Luis Albert Urrea, shows us different views of not only the immigrants coming into the country, but how the border patrol treats them. Today, one of the most controversial issues is immigration from Mexico to the United States. The border patrol, although bad at some points, can be considered the “good guys” and the immigrants can be the “bad guys”. For years the border patrol has been fighting to keep illegal immigrants out while the Mexican government is supporting them.        Luis begins to explain the story that the immigrants tell about the border patrol. He says these men aren’t as great as they are thought to be, some are violent and others sexually assault the females that are coming over the border. Urrea says, “Stories burn all along the borderlands of border patrol men taking prisoners out into the wasteland and having their way with them. Women handcuffed, then groped and molested. Coyotes shot in the head.”(17) What we hear isn’t always the full truth of what is happening, these immigrants may be making parts of the story up. Even though the border patrol is bad they are not the only things that the immigrants are facing coming into the country. These people do not only face the border patrol but the harsh conditions of the desert. Also, these coyotes lead them out into the desert but end up leaving these people. Throughout The Devils Highway, we see the struggle of the immigrants trying to come to America. On the other hand, we see the struggle of the Border patrol trying to keep them out but also safe.

The United States border patrol can easily be seen as the “bad guy” without all the facts. The border patrol is one of the toughest groups since the attacks of 9/11. “Homeland Security, that long arm of the fatherland, moved to absorb the Border Patrol into itself,...

Cited: Urrea, Luis Alberto. The Devil 's Highway: A True Story. New York: Little, Brown, 2004.
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