Design Science Approach and Guidelines

Topics: Internet Protocol, Internet, IPv6 Pages: 3 (595 words) Published: February 9, 2014
design science approach. Seven
guidelines of design science method are followed strictly for better end results. Open-ended interviews will be data
collection methods of the study. Documents, such as articles, books, and websites also provide lots of information. Content analysis helps the authors to look directly into context of
documents to find the core meaning. The content of this study was examined on two scales: technical side and managerial
side. Findings upon data collected reveal several significant factors, which affect IPv6 addresses implementation project. Hence, a solution, the most applicable transition method was concluded. This method was then tested on a virtual

environment simulating a large network model. It was proven
to be working.
Keywords-Internet protocol; IP, IPv4; transition;
transition method; IPv6; large enterprise; network; IPv6
On 8 June 2011, over 1000 top websites in the world
took part in an event called “World IPv6 Day”. As IPv4
addresses are running out, the need for changing to IP next
generation, IPv6, is obvious. This study aims at finding the best method of transition from IPv4 addresses to IPv6
addresses for large enterprise networks.
Since the birth of Internet in 1960s [5], it has completely
changed the way of communications forever. With its
capabilities, the Internet has already become a world-wide
broadcasting capability, a mechanism for information
dissemination, and a medium for collaboration and
interaction between individuals and their computers
regardless of geographic location [20]. However, despite the uncountable Internet's phenomenal impact on business and
its reach across all sectors, there is still no model which
valuing companies' Internet efforts correctly [1]. Besides,
according to its nature in the structure of Internet, the TCP/IP has also played an important role in the global expansion of communications. As a result, the more users join the Internet,...
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