critical analysis of apple's marketing strategies

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“Critical Analysis of Apple Inc.’s Marketing and Business Strategies”

Prabodh Patawari B. Com (Hons.) 663


I hereby declare that this project is my own original work and is the result of my own investigations. This research was conducted to fulfill the requirements of B.Com(Hons.) associated with University of Delhi.

March 2014



I would like to thank a bunch of people who helped me in completion of my project like:

My facilitator for guidance and support throughout the project research. All respondents and friends for filling in the questionnaires. My family for constant support and motivation.


Apple Incorporation is a multinational company that creates and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers, in 363 stores worldwide, with global sales of about US$16 billion. The company's well-known products like Macintosh line of computers, iPod, iPhone and the iPad are mainly recognized as a source of competitive edge due to high brand awareness related to these products. Apple also sells other branded products like, Mac OS X, iTunes, iLife, iWork, Aperture, Final Cut Studio, Logic Studio, Safari browser and iOS.

The main objective of this study is to analyze the importance of using marketing strategies of branding in Apple Inc. The study will help to find out about the related benefits of branding mainly. The details of the study will help us to learn about the consumer's awareness about the brand and how their loyalty can be increased in order to gain a competitive edge. Also, analyzing the importance of branding can help us to find out about the Apple brand's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, by using SWOT analysis tool and by using STP process, we can know how to segment the market, target the customers and position the products/services. Whereas, by using 4 Ps of marketing mix, we can find out about the branded product, its price, promotion and placement.

Therefore, since the competition in the technology industry is increasing, 'A study on using marketing strategy of branding in Apple' will help the company in staying at the top of consumer's mind, to cope up with the changes, to gain competitive edge, to attain goals set by the company, to make improvements for the future related to products, its pricing strategy, communications used to promote and the placement of the product. Therefore, it will help us to evaluate whether branding will affect Apple Inc's success rate or not.

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Chapter 5

Declaration.. Acknowledgment. Abstract.... Table of Contents List of tables and figures Introduction
1.1 Technology Industry... 1.2 Introduction to Apple...

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