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-a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do

2 types of software
-system (windows)
-application (windows player, microsoft word)

-software that you need to buy(microsoft office)

open source
-free software (with few licensing and copyright restrictions)

Word processing | Spreadsheet |
-create and edit doc research papers class notes resumes -basic tools -microsoft word | -performs calculations and numerical analyses -worksheet of rows and columns create charts -ms excel ( to perform calculations) | Presentations | Database |

Create slide. Power point How to design good presentations? Be careful with colour use bullets for keypoints use images consider font size and style keep animation and background audio to a minimum | Field = column record = on row database software : oracle, mysql, microsoft access, microsoft sql server store and recognize data table of records and fields keep track of info (student info) ms access | Note-taking | PIM |

Used to take, organize and maintain notes ms notes | Manage email, contacts, calendars, tasks ms outlook |

App software
=is used to do everyday tasks at home and work(microsoft word, microsoft excel(

System software
-program that helps run the computer
-coordinate instructions btween app. software and hardware
-windows, uBuntu

operating system (os)
-controls how a computer functions
-we need this to run our computer

What does os do?
-manage computer's hardware
(processor, memory, storage, peripheral devices such as printers and mouse)

-provide a consistent means for app software to work with cpu -manage, schedule, coordinate tasks

modern os allows multitasking (do many task at one time ex. Listen to songs while typing)

os can be categorized by types of device in which they're installed -robots n specialized equipment
-mainframes and network computers
-mobile devices
-personal computers

specialized equipment with built-in computers ---> RTOS (REAL TIME OS)

-performs specific tasks in an exact amount of time
-embedded system
-a prog with specific purpose
-require minimal user interaction
-car engines
-medical devices
-common appliances (washing machine, cd player) robotic cameras (sports events)

mainframes and network computers
-multiuser OS/network OS enables more than one user access the cmputer system at a time -manage all user requests, ensuring they do not interfere with each other -examples : windows server, linux, unix

-multitasking capabalities
-networking capabilities

mac os X:
-first GUI (graphical user interface)

-open source
-personal computer and network OS
-reputation as a stable OS

run more than one OS in computer using virtual machine(VMware)

file management actions
-open copy move rename delete
-recycle bin(windows) trash (mac)


Functions OS
-provide a user interface
-manage the processor/cpu
-manage memory and storage
-manage computer hadware and peripherals
-provide a consistent interaction between applications and the cpu -file management

cpu perform several tasks at once
os arrange for execution of all activities

interrupt= signal to the processor sent by hardware/software indicating an event that needs immediate attention (emergency case, need to settle immediately)


Preemptive multiasking
-assigns a slice of time to each activity
-switches among processes millions of times a second

when runs out of RAM
-borrow some spaces in hard drive (virtual memory)

ngantok …
nak jagung
haus !!!
mountain dew

swap file- a place in hard drive
paging- from ram to harddrive, harddrive to ram

plug and play (pnp)
ability of a computer to detect and...
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