Computer Networking

Topics: IP address, Internet, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Pages: 4 (1528 words) Published: February 8, 2014

Computer Networking
Henry J Adamczak II

Body Paragraphs
I will be walking you through Basic Computer Networking terms and setup. I am going to use three different types of supporting paragraphs, starting off with a definition paragraph, then a description paragraph, finishing with a process analysis paragraph. This paper will start off by providing several basic terms used in Networking. This will be followed by basic network structures and equipment. I will then educate you on how to setup and control your network once it is created and setup properly. I will of course go into more depth in each paragraph. By the time I am done you will have and understand terms and procedures for setting up and running their network. To start off I would like to give you some terms, so you can understand the components involved. First off is a modem, this is a piece of equipment provided by a company that supplies an Internet connection (ISP – Internet Service Provider) to companies. They can even provide Email and Website hosting also. A Modem is a piece of a equipment that passes out Internet Protocol(IP) addresses to each computer and ties all your network components together, they also have built in firewalls that protect from outside intrusions. You can have either a Dynamic IP address, this is an IP address that changes on a regular basis, or a Static IP address, this can be a single IP or a large block of several IPs that your service provider sell you, these never change. I would suggest a Static IP block, especially if you are using a POS (Point of Sale) device, or are running several servers for Email and Webhosting or your Security System, like surveillance cameras. Because you can remote into your security cameras from a location outside of your building, like at home or while on vacation somewhere via a smartphone app or through an Internet connection at your hotel or rental property. These non-changing IP addresses come in...

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