Comprehensive Plan Part II: Implementing Chnage

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Comprehensive Plan Part II: Implementing Change
Sherallene Holton
July 7, 2014
Monique Norfus

Comprehensive Plan Part II: Implementing change
The hard work is done, the decision has been made which software vendor that is going to be used, now you’re ready to take the plunge in the world of electronic medical record. Most electronic medical record implementation will proceed on time with involvement of their participants and able to achieve their goals, others will find it a struggle, only obtaining partial success or in extreme cases no success at all. Many implementations issues are common in small and large organizations alike. With larger organizations due to their complexity, are more likely to have team issues and small organizations due to their limited resources and experience, will falter especially with technology issues.

Everyone within the organization will play a part in the success and failure of the electronic medical record implementation, some will play a bigger part than others, but they will need to ne acknowledged and clearly understood from the beginning. Electronic medical record project will definitely need good management, but will need a vast involvement of stakeholders, a motivated team and having excellent communication plan in place. EMR’s are very complex and you will need to understand the capabilities and determine how it can be used to improve current paper based office processes. Expectations and Goals Setting measurable and specific goals that you want to accomplish will help assist in what constitutes failure or success. “Establishing goals that are ambitious, but achievable, can be motivating. Yet it’s important to understand your user’s needs and to make sure they understand and share the stated goals. Otherwise they might not play along, destroying your implementation plans”. Kenneth G. Adler, (2007). It is always best to monitor and communicate progress or terms of achieving those goals. Having an implementation team composed of key stakeholders that can design and monitor the implementation process, a project manager should be able to direct the actual implementation and should be able to collaborate, rather than being a dictator. Tactics

It can’t be said enough how important it is to plan for the eventual outcome of your EMR implementation. Write the plan down, use all resources that are available to ensure the success of the plan, a key factor of planning is to have a workflow redesign. The electronic medical record implementation will allow the opportunity to improve some of the less efficient processes through automation and with fewer steps. This will also allow to determine if the process can be improved by comparing it to a workflow diagram that was created of the EMR process that will accomplish the same thing.

Roles in Change
The ultimate goal in change management will be to engage employees and encourage them to adopt the new way of doing their jobs. Whether it be job role, organizational structure change, systems or all of the above, successful change will be greatly depended upon its employees are willing to change their daily workflow and behavior. This is the essence of change necessary for an initiative to be successful and deliver value to the organization.

The deployment of electronic medical record really doesn’t concern technology but more about equipping the organization in order to attain its goal and objectives through providing employees, and patients with the technical capabilities that will promote the use of new inventions. Implementing the electronic medical record involves engaging everyone to the change process. Implementing electronic medical record into the organization will mean making Relationship Between the System, Process, Professional, and Personal Roles, and the Effect to the Project Change

The main goal in change management is to...

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