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Windows CLI Commands Lab Report

NOTE: Please use Carriage Returns and Page Breaks as needed to prevent box contents from extending across page boundaries.

Task 1: Rename the Ethernet Interface and Display IP Configuration Settings

Open the Windows Command Prompt using the desktop or the Taskbar icon. Maximize the size of the CLI. Use the ipconfig /all command to determine the following IP configuration settings for “Wired” Ethernet NIC:

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
MAC (Physical) Address

Copy and paste the specified ipconfig /all command output from the Windows CLI into the Task 1 box provided below.

Task 1 ipconfig /all Command Output

Task 2: Changing Interface Configuration settings from the CLI

Complete the following Windows CLI tasks using only “netsh interface” commands.

Copy and paste your CLI commands and command output into the Task 2 box provided below.

Task 2 CLI netsh Commands Output

Task 3: Windows CLI Shutdown Commands

Complete the following Windows CLI shutdown tasks. Copy and paste your CLI commands and command output into the Task 3 box provided below.

Task 3 CLI Shutdown Commands Output
shutdown /s /t 90 /c "Shutdown in 90 Seconds, Save your work now!!!" shutdown /r /f /m \\vlab-PC1 /t 60 -c "**Restart Will Occur in 1 Minute**" shutdown /s /f /m \\Vlab-PC2 /t 120 -c "!! Remote Shutdown in 2 Minutes !!”

Task 4: Executing Windows CLI Commands in a Batch File

Copy and paste your script file content (from NotePad or the Windows CLI using the type command) into the Task 4 box labeled “Task 4 Script”. Also copy and paste the successful RUN of the script from the Windows CLI into the “Task 4 Script RUN” box.

Task 4 Script

Task 4 Script RUN
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