Comm 1302 Application Paper

Topics: September 11 attacks, Terrorism, Osama bin Laden Pages: 6 (2309 words) Published: April 29, 2012
A Day I’ll Never Forget

It was a normal September day. I was 14 years old and had just arrived home on the school bus with my sister from a long day at school and was looking forward to skateboarding and playing with my dog. When I opened my front door I came in to only find my mother with a look of nervousness in her eyes as she stared at the t.v. (1-channel, Haun 4). There was a building on fire and the man on the news was saying the words “terrorist attack” over and over (2-linear transaction, Haun 3). We were living in England at the time so we didn’t have to deal with school being let out early and all of the rest of the chaos that people back home did. All we could do was watch and listen to what people back home were saying.

My mother still had not said one word to neither my sister nor I since we walked in the door. She was on the phone with one of our family friends urging her to go pick her kids up from school early (3- transactional communication, Haun 3). At the same time she was doing this she was e-mailing (4-interactional communication, Haun 3) my father who was out of town on business telling him to get a later flight home. When she finally got off of the phone we asked her what happened. As soon as we said those words we were interrupted by a rumbling noise and the reporter himself being startled (5-noise, Haun 4). The noise and what had startled the reporter shocked me also. One of the tall buildings that was on fire had suddenly fallen to the ground. My mind was all of a sudden taking a lot longer than usual to decode (6, Haun 7) simple messages. I was too young to really know what the world trade center was but what I did know was that terrorists had killed a lot of innocent Americans.

Finally I could not handle it anymore. I was filled with confusion (7-entropy, Haun 16). My mother needed to start answering some questions. “Mom what happened?” I asked.
She replied by saying that the World Trade Center was an important building for conducting business in the U.S. and it was an office building to thousands of New Yorkers (8-piece, Haun 16) and terrorists in late morning had flown a planes into each standing tower. I still had so many questions for her that I couldn’t bear to not ask (9-uncertainty reduction, Haun 16). I look at my sister and she was too young to understand the significance of what was going on in front of her eyes. My mother changed up her story a little bit when she told her what had happened (10-indexing, Haun 30). “Some bad men destroyed a building in New York,” my mother said (11-abstraction, Haun 29). While my mom was talking to my sister in the living room I went into the kitchen and called my American friend Jeff on the phone to see if he had heard about what was going on. When he picked up the phone he was still on the bus and hadn’t gotten home yet to hear the news. I told him that it was all over the news and my mother had told me that men had flown planes into two tall towers in New York (12-self-reflexiveness, Haun 30). Jeff was stunned and he pulled his head away from the phone and started telling all of the other kids who were on his bus. I went back into the living room with my sister and mother to find that the man on the news was talking very softly (13-paralanguage, Haun 33) saying that his thoughts and prayers were with the family members of victims and possible victims of these attacks. My mom (who is a very emotional woman) began wafting her hands back and forth in front of her face (14-kinesics, Haun 32) which told my sister and I that she was probably about to faint. “The walls (15-fixed-feature space, Haun 32) are beginning to spin,” she said. She managed to sit down on a chair (16-semi-fixed-feature, Haun 32) before she fainted. My sister got her a glass of water for when she came back to, while I continued to watch the second tower burn and listen to the reporter talk. A few moments later my mom woke up and we told her that she fainted. I walked...
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