Cisco Vlan Configuration

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Luis Maciel
Network Infrastructure
Making a vlan out of 3 subnets

In this assignment, I will outline the steps to take to create a 3 vlans that will belong to one switch. This will eliminate the process of needing 3 different switches to create 3 different subnets. 1. First, access your Cisco command line interface. Follow these commands. 2. int e0/0

3. No shutdown
4. Nameif Inside
5. Exit
6. Int e0/0.100
7. Vlan 100
8. Nameif VLAN100
9. Sec
10. Security-level 100
11. Exit
12. e0/.0.200
13. vlan 200
14. nameif VLAN200
15. sec
16. security-level 100
17. exit
At this point we created 2 interfaces
18. int e0/0.100
19. ip address
20. no shut
21. exit
22. e0/0.200
23. ip address
24. no shut
25. exit
26. exit …again to go to ciscoasa#
at this point we have built 2 vlans and have gave them their ip addresses 27. show in tip br (command) …to see if we can see the interfaces 28. same
29. same-security-traffic permit intra-interface
All done! If you would like to create a third vlan, you would just follow the same steps and int e0/0.300 and give it an ip address and you would be good to go.
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