Chapter08 review questions

Topics: Operating system, Mac OS X, IP address Pages: 3 (704 words) Published: December 13, 2014
1. Which high-speed storage network protocols used by a SAN is IP-based? a. iSCSI
b. FC
c. FCoE
2. Which Fibre Channel zone is the most restrictive?
a. FC hard zone
b. FC soft zone
c. FC port zone
d. FC interface zone
3. An attacker can use NetBIOS to determine each of the following EXCEPT ______________. a. Computer names
b. Contents of the remote name cache
c. List of remote NetBIOS names
d. List of resolved names
4. Which type of log can provide details regarding requests for specific files on a system? a. Event log
b. Access log
c. Audit log
d. Sysfile log
5. Which type of device log contains the most beneficial security data? a. Email log
b. Switch log
c. Firewall log
d. Router log
6. Which type of cloud is offered to all users?
a. Hybrid cloud
b. Private cloud
c. Public cloud
d. Community cloud
7. Which of these would NOT be a valid Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) error message? a. Host Unreachable
b. Network Unreachable
c. Destination Network Unknown
d. Router Delay
8. Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) is used by each of these attacks EXCEPT __________. a. ICMP poisoning
b. Smurf DoS attack
c. ICMP redirect attack
d. Ping of death
9. Which version of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is considered the most secure? a. SNMPv2
b. SNMPv3
c. SNMPv4
d. SNMPv5
10. Which Domain Name System (DNS) attack replaces a fraudulent IP address for a symbolic name? a. DNS reply
b. DNS masking
c. DNS poisoning
d. DNS forwarding
11. Which of these is the most secure protocol for transferring files? a. SCP
d. FTP
12. Each of these is a technique for securing a router EXCEPT ____________________. a. Making all configuration changes remotely
b. Securing all ports
c. Setting a strong administrator password
d. Using a meaning router name
13. Which statement about a flood guard is true?
a. It is a separate hardware appliance that is located inside the DMZ. b. It prevents DoS or DDoS...
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