Change Management Simulation

Topics: Strategy, Management, Change management Pages: 7 (1615 words) Published: May 20, 2014
There was a dilemma regarding sustainable economic development in my company, Spectrum Sunglass Company. Due to the request of “green” from Bigmart, which was the largest retail customer, my company should have decided whether its strategy plan needed to be adjusted. I was the Director of Product Innovation within the R&D unit, in addition to being a resolute advocate for reducing the company’s dependence on petrochemical raw materials. However, much resistance took place. I had 96 weeks to persuade my superiors and colleagues. I accurately completed my task, but not in the ideal way. It took 96 weeks for me to persuade people, which was neither more nor less than the predicted deadline. This means that my work should have a lot of spaces to improve. My Change Efficiency Ratio was 0.21 which means I convinced 20 people in 96 weeks. 7 people were aware of my assertion during the first week; the first adopter, not including myself, appeared in week 14. I conducted private interviews with Henry Adams, Paul D’Arcy, Luke Filer and Leslie Harris. Henry was the CEO, so I assumed he would be one of my supporters; Paul and Luke, CFO and COO respectively, were the main opponents of my strategy; as much, I wanted to contract them at beginning. I wanted to make sure Leslie would help me, because she is also an advocate of the plan. Thereafter, the awareness level increased to 6. After week one, I walked the talk, and the interest level increased to 3 in two weeks. This lever did not influence many people. Actually, I wanted to promote awareness as much as possible, but this idea was different from the reality. On week 4, I conducted other private interviews with Andrew Chen, Paul, Deborah and Luke. Andrew was a friend of my CEO; I want to convince him so he could influence Henry laterally. Deborah was the person that had many relationships in the company. I tried to introduce my opinions to her. However, the result proved that private interviews were not as useful as I had anticipated. From week 5 to week 9, I announced goals and deadlines, and privately confront resister; the awareness and interest level did not change significantly. One more person was aware of my plan; credibility decreased from 9 to 8. These levers are not suitable for the mobilize stage. Convincing to people who have already partly accepted my opinions would be useful; directly confronting resisters would not be a good idea during the mobilize stage. Holding town hall meetings was impactful, but the unawareness was still high. 4 more people became interested and 3 more people wanted to try my plan. On the fourteenth work, the Hurry Adams became an adopter after I conducted the private interviews. I also presented to Andrew, Paul and Luke. Paul and Luke, the resisters, wanted to try my plan. The fact proved that the private interviews were useful in increasing individual’s confidence towards my plan. However the contact group was narrow under this lever. At this time, I had realized that I adopted unsuitable awareness tactics for the mobilize stage. From week 15 to week 47, the unawareness of people decreased from 12 to 9. During this period, I tried building a coalition of support, conducting private interviews, getting CEO’s public support, conducting pilot project, telling a success story, posting progress reports, issuing e-mail notice, holding town hall meetings, and providing internal skill-building. Those levers impact little to unaware unit, but impact a lot in interesting and trial level. I received 4 in trial units and 6 in adoption units. Throughout these weeks, many top managers became advocates of my plan. Although I obtained some supporters due to my efforts during those 47 weeks, I still failed to introduce my plan to the whole company. This failure also weakened the levers impact, because if more people aware my plan, the levers would change more people’s opinions that push them into interest, trial and adoption unit from aware unit. After I...
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